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This exciting interactive resource enables children to design and create their own newspaper front page, writing up three stories from a set of reporters’ notes and quotes. They will need to choose which story to lead with and think up headlines, choose a photo, and add a caption and byline.

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  1. sdsdsada
    on 25 November 2013


    In 1915, a ridiculous think happened in Germany in the Geologic Association Meeting when the German scientist, Alfred Wegener said that the only answer is continental drift. He said that earth's land masses collided to form one supercontinent called Pangaea. He believed that the land masses broke into pieces due to the weakness in the earth crust. Some scientists thought that this man was crazy but he gave his 4 proof which can somewhat justify his answer not fully. His four proof were following: 1- Jigsaw fit, 2-Fossils, 3-Mountains and 4-Ice sheets.
    So when our reports ask what you think about continental drift theory so some said that what continental drift is. "A slow movement of the continents on the deep seated viscous zone within the earth". So as you know that it happened about 300 million years ago. When the theory become somewhat popular so people or scientists said "if the Alfred Wegener gave answer to the question how the continent move we will believe him". Alfred Wegener spent all of his lifetime to answer his question but couldn't find it.
    Second question which came to people mind during reporting is that what Pangaea is. So it is a supercontinent of all earth's land masses. It comes to his shape again around 200 million years ago. Our reporters did some search on Pangaea. So it is an ancient Greek word meaning "mother land". This name was also coined in the Alfred Wegener book which he published in 1915. (The Origin of continents and ocean).
    When our reports tried to talk with him about the proofs which he get. He said "I have four proof which can help me to proof my theory". Firstly, he saw that Jigsaw fit between South America and Africa. Secondly, he found that fossils of the same plants and the animals on both continents. He felt that they could only exist in both places if the continents were once joined together. Thirdly, Wegener tried to prove that there were mountain similar in age and structure on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean-the Appalachians of United States and Canada and the Caledonia Mountain in British Isles and Europe. He thought that these mountains were formed about 300 million years ago when North America collided with Europe and South America. Fourthly, ice sheets covered parts of Southern Africa, India and Australia about 250 million years ago. How ice have developed into places which are too warm today? The only answer seemed to be that at one time the continents were located closer to the South Pole. After getting this four proof scientists didn't believe she and they ask how the continents moved. The theory remains mysterious because Alfred Wegener didn't found out this answer in his life time.

  2. jordan
    on 30 June 2013


    July the 4 is a special day because it is the day that you celebrate america

  3. Ana Maric
    on 8 June 2013

    Parliament House

    Since Parliament House was established this year in 1988, many have their thoughts upon what is really happening in the 'Big House'. Luckily we're here, telling you whats happening. Firstly, whats a senate? The Senate is the upper house of the two parted Parliament of Australia, the lower house being the House of Representatives (more on that later). The house of senate is a big red room, filled with 76 seats for 12 people from each state who have been elected to represent their state. The territories get only 2 elected people. These people are called 'Senators'. Whats a senator? Like stated before, a senator is someone who has been chosen to be the name of their state or territory. But how are senators elected? Senators are elected by a preferential voting system known as proportional representation. The order of the candidates/nominees on the ballot paper is determined by a random draw made in the office of the Australian Electoral Officer for that state or territory, following the public declaration of nominations. How do senators change? Surely, when its 2013, the senators of South Australia wont be the same. They would be at least 80 by then! So, to keep everything 'new' and fair, new senators get re elected every term. A term for them isn't short though, a term for them is 6 years! It is a Constitutional requirement that each state be equally represented regardless of its population, so these six years could easily be enough time for the population of Australia to grow. Now that you know all about Senators, heres a bit about The House of Representatives...

  4. Maddison Penson
    on 11 March 2013

    Very loopy and a bit fishy!!!

    When scientists sent fish and tadpoles to space microgravity defentiley effected them. They found out fish don't swim in straight lines. they swim either in circles and a bit loopy.

  5. hi
    on 26 February 2013


    The newest club run by Jared Mercer and Cheryl Gannett. The number Ones always get the glory. They win the races and take the gold medals leaving the second-place kids in the dust, hidden in someone else's shadow. Their idea to form a club of the second-best kids to air their bad feelings to their archrivals. Members of the club are Randall Gannett, Jason Perez, Abbie Singer, Darren Collins, and Karin Han also known as O.P. Karin was called O.P. because it meant "One Point". Karin said " I'm second best of being the smartest kid in the school, but Tommy Nickols is always one point higher than mine. I hate Tommy Nickols" Jared Mercer said " Im second-best runner in the school, second to Austin Pace" . Cheryl Gannett says "I am,and have always been, the second-best singer, dancer, and all around performer in my family. My cousin Rebecca, who thinks she's God's gift to the universe, gets all the attention. I hate Rebecca."

  6. Sabrina Webber
    on 25 January 2013

    Man land on Mars

    Mark Baker landed on mars on Saturday 12th of June 2016.
    As Mark landed on mars he said''What a glorious place to be.''
    Mark described the red planet as dusty,red,rocky,and wonderfull.
    Facts about the red planet:Mars has two moons.Mars was named after the Roman god of war.Mars is the forth planet from the sun.Mark baker was sent up to Mars to find out about the minerals and about the rocks so scientists can work out if there was life on Mars!The other members of Marks crew were:jhon Hardies,Neil Spencer and Peter Crowley.The crew ate freeze dried
    food because it lasts longer.Mark went out on to the planet so he could collect rocks for his crew to run tests on.
    Here are some pictures of the red planet taken by the crew

  7. darwin mizhirumbay
    on 17 January 2013

    Becky Thatcher and Tom lost in

    ST. PETERSBURG MISSISSIPI RIVER MISSURI, last Friday January 5, 1958 Two young children at the ages of 12 and 15 were found with a load of treasure but what the people really ask is how would to poor looking kids get all that money.
    We had a chance to talk to Huck and Tom and tom said he and his girlfriend by the name of Becky Thatcher were stuck in the cave after a friendly game of tag and they didn’t know where they were going. After a while they realized that they were lost so he decided to re trace his steps but he couldn’t find his way out. He walked around searching for a way out and after 2 days he found a source of light and found his way out.
    He got out of the cave with his girlfriend. He met up with his friend huck and revealed to him that he saw a guy by the name of Injun Joe. He has been wanted by the police for years and tom knew something was up so they both decided to go back in the cave and they found were injun Joe was when tom saw him so they searched the whole section were injun Joe was standing and then he started digging underground and after a hard work of digging he finally hit something like wood and there it was.

  8. Alese Ford
    on 13 January 2013

    the dead sea scroll

    this sea scroll is about religion and historical facts about the two man.

  9. Jack Hooper
    on 17 December 2012

    Makin' Beats Daily!

    Beats are Droppin' as you read this. Beats SuperStore is located on the corner of 1st ave. and Thad st.

  10. Jacky Gonzalez
    on 9 December 2012

    Teens life in las Vegas

    There is not much for teenagers to do in Vegas t really is a more adult atmoshere. First, they will not teenagers be allowed in the casinos. They can walk through but all of the places are very strict about them lingering and security will ask them to move along. Also, some places do not allow kids to even enter if they are not guests of the hotel . Some of the larger Strip hotels are better choices than the off-Strip places that cater strictly to gamblers because they have more stuff to do and more amenities than the smaller places that simply have a casino. The Excaliber, New York New York, the MGM Grand, the Luxor, and Treasure Island are all pretty good choices. A lot of people might recommend Circus Circus,

  11. Livina garside
    on 16 November 2012

    Hectic Homework

    There have been questions about whether children should be given homework. Some researchers say there's no proof it helps kids to get better grades when they're older. Now before you start celebrating, it's important to know that not everyone agrees with this view and many teachers and parents still think it can be vital to have homework. So who's right?

    Homework do you love it or hate it? Parents, educators and early childhood experts seem to fall into two very distinct perspective on the topic of homework. However you feel, homework is bound to be a part of your child’s school life.

    When it comes to homework there are three different perspective those who are passionate about it, those who don’t see any point to do it and those who simply go along with whatever happens.

    The Victorian Government recommends that children from prep up to grade four should do more than 30 minutes of homework a day, with no homework on weekends or holidays.

    In Queensland, there are state schools homework policy which recognises that the setting of homework must take into account the need for children to have a balanced lifestyle and should be purposeful and relevant to student needs.

    In Queensland, there are state schools homework policy which recognises that the setting of homework must take into account the need for children to have a balanced lifestyle and should be purposeful and relevant to student needs.

    Some schools tend to assign much more than others, but this doesn't always guarantee higher achievement, especially in primary school. Beyond a certain point, homework not only can become overwhelming, but it squeezes out other valuable activities, such as sports, music lessons, hobbies and relaxation

    Some parents feel allot of pressure to help their kids do their homework perfectly. But here's the hard part for parents part of our job is to allow children to fail from time to time. This may seem the opposite of what a responsible parent should do, yet children learn from failure as well as from success, and how you approach those failures is what counts.

    It's better to be a coach when it comes to homework, than fall into the trap of being the bad parent. When your child does stumble, rather than do some think right it better to support them rather than yell at them for failing.

    The gap between learning at school and learning at home. It reinforces work done in class. It helps develop skills such as research and time management. Homework helps to establish the habits of study, concentration and self-discipline. Parents have the opportunity to see the progress of their child. Homework provides challenges and stimulus to gifted and talented children.

    Well we don’t really no who's right in the end It could be The Victorian Government or it could be the parents but what mates is that they banned homework or make compulsory. And all the schools have the same rule.

  12. Logan Faircloth
    on 15 November 2012

    Philadelphia Times

    That’s right, another Fever
    outbreak! Or is it just another
    August sickness. We talked to
    Mrs.Epler. She said “Them that are
    Sick should visit church. They don’t
    visit church, and the God gives them the Fever.” Is she right? The first victim was named Polly Logan. A week later 65 people are dead. Some people are moving to the country to get away from the river and the town. Others are getting comfy and staying. Some doctors are saying that the evidence is leading up to Yellow Fever! But most aren’t sure with this prediction. Yellow Fever hasn’t been in Philadelphia for over 30 years. Has the disease came back or is there a new disease?- reported on the book FEVER 1793

  13. Beowulf The Beast Slayer
    on 7 November 2012

    Superman Or Monster????

    Alot of comossion has been going around the past couple of weeks about a Man named Beowulf and weather we should fear him or praise him. We first heard about him after a Beast named Greandal was murdered and after that we had to get an interview with Beowulf. We sat him down and asked him a few questions.

    Q: Is it true that you killed Grendal and why?
    A: "Yes I Beowuld killed grendal but not out of an act of terrirism but out of heroism. Grendal was going around killing innocent soliders so I had to slay him"

    We werent about to end our interview with him that quiclky so we had to ask him just one more question
    Q: Would you consider yourself a modern day superman
    A:hmmm...thats a great question john. Ive never really thought about it like that but I quess I would consider myself a modern day superman because You see I dont just go around killing people, I do what I feel is right and help people

    Well there your have folks, Beowulf is only here to help and isnt this monster he has been portrayed out

  14. rawah
    on 15 October 2012

    life in 1901-1920

    Following the outbreak of World War I in 1914, life in Bavaria became very difficult. Because of an Allied blockade of Germany, food and fuel began to run out. The school was closed for long periods due to the shortage of coal. Food was so scarce that Heisenberg, weak from hunger, once fell off his bicycle into a ditch. Most of the men, including Heisenberg's father and teachers, were away at the front for months at a time. Because of all this, the students were expected to become even more independent in their schooling. In addition, they were indoctrinated more than ever with Germany's nationalism. Heisenberg, like most of his classmates, served in a school military training unit. When Germany's ambitions as a world power were dashed with the defeat in 1918, young people like Heisenberg felt betrayed by their elders. Many began to turn inward--to their studies and to a future Germany as they envisioned it.

    It is probably not right of me, but I simply prefer to be among my young friends. --Heisenberg in 1919

    During the war, Heisenberg and his Gymnasium friends enrolled in a military training unit. This unit was called upon to help bring in the harvest during the late summer and fall of 1918 under difficult conditions. After the Armistice in November of that year, revolution swept through Germany, replacing the monarchy with a social democratic republic. In Bavaria, unrest led to the establishment of a soviet republic modeled after the new Bolshevik republic in Russia. In May 1919 troops dispatched from Berlin crushed the soviet republic in a battle through the Munich streets. During the restoration of moderate social democratic rule, Heisenberg and his schoolmates served in support of one of the units dispatched from Berlin.

    The lost war, the collapse of the monarchy, and the bloody street fighting disgusted Heisenberg and many other young people of his time. Many felt so betrayed by their elders that they retreated into their own world by literally "heading for the hills." Drawing upon German romantic tradition, they thought that they could recapture the essence of German culture through a retreat to nature. Feeling betrayed and bewildered, they rejected their present world in search of what they thought would be more genuine, simpler values and traditions to be found in nature.

    Heisenberg became the elected leader of a small band of younger boys from the military unit of his Gymnasium. The group was associated with the New Boy Scouts (Bund Deutscher Neupfadfinder), which was one of the more extreme examples of anti-modernist romanticism and right-wing politics. In fact, the boys longed so much for the return of the monarchy that they dreamed of a new "third Reich" to replace the one that had fallen to social democracy. Anti-Semitism was also evident in the New Boy Scouts, but apparently it did not infect Heisenberg's group, since Jewish boys from other groups were frequent participants in their activities. Heisenberg's ties to social democratic circles were indicated at that time by his involvement with the education of adult workers.

    Until Hitler banned all independent youth groups in 1933, Heisenberg spent nearly all of his leisure time with his "boys," hiking and camping throughout Germany and in neighboring countries. He loved hiking, skiing, mountain climbing, and the beauties of nature to the end of his life.

    Others, including myself, had been working two years earlier as farm hands on farms in the Bavarian Highlands. So the raw wind was no longer alien to us; and we were not afraid to form our own opinions on the most difficult problems. --Heisenberg, recollection

    Heisenberg met with his group of boys on a weekly basis and on weekends. They devoted the weekly meetings mainly to culture: German music, songs, and poetry. Heisenberg also acted as a type of trusted elder, providing fatherly advice on adolescent problems. While weekend meetings involved day trips to the countryside, the group spent school vacations on long camping trips. They always maintained rigid rules of ethical and moral behavior. Smoking and drinking were strictly forbidden, even after the "boys" grew up. Interactions with women rarely occurred. There is no evidence of a girlfriend in Heisenberg's life in this period.

    Music, poetry, and nature occupied practically their entire thoughts. During his first university years Heisenberg divided his time almost evenly between his two main interests at the time: the youth movement and theoretical physics. During the warmer months of the year, he often camped with his boys in the mountains and hiked to the nearest train station in the morning in order to arrive in Munich in time for his early morning classes.

    Heisenberg's participation in the German youth movement was one of the defining factors of his personality and outlook. He developed an inseparable attachment to his German homeland. At the same time, he gained the ability to make bold attempts to solve complicated

  15. Gracie baugh
    on 12 October 2012


    When people have friends they mean alot so dont get mad if one of your friends leaves you cause you have a lot more so dont get mad.Your parents might get mad if you hang out with a friend to much cause go play with other friends it is not that big of a deal everyone has friendship even if you have one friend you still have friendship it is important to have friends cause you have someone that you can talk to.Do not pick friends you cant trust cause if you invite them over they could steel something sooo friendship is important

  16. Chantelle and Zoe
    on 16 August 2012

    A trail of diaminds

    A diamond is a girl’s best friend, they will do whatever it takes to get a hold of them. But, do they really know what it really takes to get them? Some may think you buy it from a store but there is more behind it. Before it gets to the store, the diamonds have to be discovered!

    Diamonds are found mostly in Botswana, Russia and South Africa. Reports found from Africa show that the miners working for high mining companies are treated poorly, while others have no choice, and are forced to work in these conditions to get money for their families. Anyone that complained were severely punished brutally. The wars in Africa were funded by conflict diamonds.

    Conflict diamonds are used by rebel groups to fight conflict and civil war aimed at undermining legitimate governments. They come from territories controlled by rebels and are sold to payfor guns and other equipemnt.

    At the end of the year a Hollywood movie 'Blood Diamond' will be released. This is a movie about what happens a man finds a large pin

  17. Dylan McDonald
    on 6 July 2012

    Real steel fc

    At 11 o clock today the successful website was launched , the successful website has been aimed at 11-12 year olds but anyone can use it , the website has lots of information on real steel fc if your child wants to join the youth club and team . The real steel fc team hope you get involved and stay healthy.

    5 out of 5
  18. audrey
    on 6 July 2012


    i am making newspaper for my neighborhood

  19. sam
    on 19 June 2012


    duck weed is covering all of our water
    ways, this is a problem at most dams. To get rid of duck weed get something keep the water moving all the time.

  20. dalton lewis
    on 31 May 2012

    the 8 mile

    my first newspaper

  21. Sean Maison
    on 21 May 2012


    Louis Riel is hung and dead. It all started with the Manitoba Act. The government of Canada and the Provisional government at Red River negotiated the Manitoba Act, which brought the settlement of Red River into Confederation as an officially bilingual province - of Manitoba. This Act was a compromise, many people felt they a say in how the Red River uprising was resolved. The Manitoba Act accnologed First Nations peoples rights to land. It also made French and English an official language.
    The Metis people want to elect government. Canadiens wanted a country that respected the Commitments to them contained in Confederation, witch established Canada as: bicultural country and that respected their history . Many people that are Engish speaking Canadiens in Ontario Wanted the freedom to move west. The First Nations wanted recognizeations of their rights to the land and negotiated with Canada that honored those rights.