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Ask your class to create write a topical news story about your school, using this handy template.

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  1. Mia Brucato
    on 26 February 2014

    Troubled Waters

    Yesterday Captains Meriwether
    and William Clark noticed
    The river was getting
    more rapid; Sacagawea
    helped in finding food,
    suggesting the bark of a
    pine tree. It was best to rest
    before carrying the canoes
    up stream. We came upon
    the most remarkable cliffs
    that we have yet seen.

    These cliffs rose from the
    waters edge on either
    side perpendicularly to to
    the height of 1200 feet...
    from the singular appearance
    of this place Lewis called
    it the gates of the Rocky Mountains

  2. maryam
    on 19 November 2012

    bacon runs away from wolfy

    Three local pigs have had a frightening day trying to run away from the big bad wolf. He attempted to eat them in their separate houses, one was made of straw the other one was made of sticks and the third one was made out of strong stone.

    The wolf managed to blow down the first two houses however the pigs escaped to their wise and trusting brother who had come up with the idea of using stone to build his strong stone house. The wolf huffed and puffed again and again but he had no one of our interviews with the big bad wolf he stated “I’m not going there any time soon”. Moreover when the big bad wolf failed to huff and puff and blows the house down he came up with and evil plan he tried to go up and through the chimney but he was unsuccessful to do that as he burnt his extremely bushy tail.

    In one of our debates on who should be punished the pig or the big bad wolf one of our debater Kate smith stated “the big bad wolf should be punished for trying to eat them alive”. These debates are happening each day in the government to try helping the victims. With our interview with one of the pigs called Moe we asked if the wolf was usually bothering them and Moe answered “ he did he ate our grandparents and one of our cousins as breakfast the day before mom sent us out to be independent”.

    After a few days of thinking for the government they decided that the wolf should be punished because this wasn’t his first crime and enough was enough for the government and the pig’s race. Animals and humans agreed the big bad wolf should be punished so it was time in for him.


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