Literacy/grammar activities: Prepositions

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By Eileen Joneseducation journalist, author and literacy specialist

Use our resources to help boost children’s knowledge of prepositions

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Last month, my new grammar series introduced nouns, verbs and adjectives in the context of the fantastic ‘Grammar safari park’ poster, interactive resource and activity sheets. This month moves on to prepositions.

Prepositions are sometimes treated as the poor relations of word classes. Often short, with little independent meaning, they are easily dismissed as unimportant. However, prepositions not only play supporting roles but also indicate significant relationships between words; for example: two crocodiles moving in the water is rather different from two crocodiles moving into the water. By teaching children how to use prepositions correctly, you are ultimately helping them to communicate.

Begin the activities by showing the children the ‘Grammar definition card - prepositions’ - the second of the Grammar safari park: prepositions activity sheets Invite discussion and example sentences. Display the poster and “interactive resource” as an engaging and visual stimulus.


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