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By Andy Hutteducation writer

Read all about it! Mini media moguls develop life skills in classroom project…

Rolled up newspaper

Online extra!

Don’t forget to download Activity sheet, ‘Writing a newspaper article’ which provides children with some top news-writing tips.

Despite the growth of online and television news sources, newspapers still play an important part in our lives, with millions of us reading at least one every week. Giving your class the opportunity to participate in creating a newspaper will enable them to become involved with, and understand, an important feature and force of modern life – never mind the curriculum opportunities for literacy, numeracy, ICT , citizenship, and the life skills they’ll learn along the way. The school newspaper itself can become an important part of school life, and can help make the school a better place by improving communication and celebrating successes. (Click here for a creative topic on more ways of using local and national news stories in the classroom.)


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