Digging up dinosaur facts

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By Sharon Parnellearly years practitioner and freelance writer

Children never fail to be fascinated by dinosaurs! Tap into their enthusiasm with games and activities

In this article:

  1. Name that dinosaur
  2. Dinosaur dig
  3. Where, when and how?

Photo © Krzysztof ?widerski/PAP/Corbis

1. Name that dinosaur

Play dinosaur lotto

Communication, Language and Literacy

Language for Communication

Development matters: respond to simple instructions (30–50 months); extend vocabulary especially by grouping and naming (40–60+ months).

Early Learning Goal: interact with others, negotiating plans and taking turns in conversation.

What you need

Group size: four children.

Download and copy ‘Dinosaur lotto’ Activity sheet 3, one for each pair of children, which have been cut in half to provide two boards; copies of the sheets pasted onto card and cut up to match the boards.

What to do

Give each child a board and space the sets of cards on the table, face down. Explain that they are going to take it in turns to turn a card over and see if the dinosaur on the card matches any of those on the board in front of them.

Each time they find a matching picture they place it on their board over the picture. The first child to find all their pictures says ‘lotto’. As children turn over each card, encourage them to try and name the dinosaur and describe it, for example ‘It has a long neck’, ‘It has spikes on its back’ or ‘It is tall/short’.


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