Scholastic Resource Bank School Memberships

School memberships

Your school or organisation has taken out a whole school membership to Scholastic Resource Bank. This means you can now access thousands of teaching resources for EYFS or Primary using your linked staff membership. To set up your staff membership, please use follow the instructions below.

Access your individual staff membership

To access your individual staff membership, please follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Subscribe page on the Resource Bank
  2. Select the right membership for your school or nursery – either Early Years or Primary
    • Not sure which membership to go for? Check with the Lead Member in your organisation
  3. Click “Join now” on the required option, Early Years or Primary
  4. Continue through the membership set-up screens
  5. Set up your Scholastic account, if you don’t have one already
    • This will be the email address you will use to access your Resource Bank account
  6. Continue through the checkout
  7. On the payment screen, select card or invoice
    • Please note, you won’t be charged for this transaction
  8. Continue through the checkout
  9. On the payment screen enter the Promotional Code – this will set the cost to £0.00
    • Ask your organisation’s Lead Member for your school’s unique Promotional Code
  10. Continue through the checkout
  11. Once you’ve completed the checkout process, you will receive your Resource Bank Welcome Email with details about how to access your account. The Welcome Email will be sent to the email address used to set up your Scholastic account

Get in touch

If you need any further help or support in accessing your staff membership, please get in touch with our customer services team.

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