What number’s next? – maths interactive whiteboard game
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This addictive game challenges players to correctly identify the missing numbers in an ascending sequence. Players can choose sequences ascending in 1s, 2s, 3s, 5s, 10s, 20s, 100s, tenths, hundredths, and from three different speed levels.

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  1. Kirstin McCreadie Assistant Editor
    on 17 May 2010

    Number balls

    Dear Razia,

    This resource is available exclusively to subscribers of Child Ed PLUS. The good news is that a subscription costs just £19.98 a year, and for that you also receive six magazines a year plus access to the entire resource bank of more than 6000 resources.

    Please copy and paste this address into the address bar for more information:

    Best wishes,

  2. razia begum
    on 14 May 2010

    i want ot play

    dear the person that owns this thing can you please let me play this game i really want to play