Newspaper maker interactive resource (ages 7-9)
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Interactive Flash

This interactive resource provides you with an exciting and engaging scaffolding tool to create the front page of a newspaper.

A version suitable for ages 9 to 11 is also available.

Downloading to a PC

Click the link to download this interactive to your computer. We suggest copying it from your downloads folder to your desktop for easy access. Double click the downloaded file to play the interactive.


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  1. Jana Al-Saad
    on 20 November 2011

    Kissin' Kate Barlow The outlaw

    One morning while Stanley Yelnats, a new kid at camp green lake was digging his hole he found a lip stick cap with the initials K.B on it. K.B stands for Kate Barlow whom once lived in Green Lake about a hundred years ago.
    A hundred years ago before the lake dried up there was a town called Green Lake. The town was a joyful town. There would be sun and rain. The lake was divine and everyone would admire it. In this town there was only one school house and one teacher. In the morning the teacher would teach children and at night she would teach the adults. There were two doctors. One of them was in love with onions and would tell everyone that onions are the cure for everything. His name was Sam. The other was a smart and intelligent doctor who would give his patients proper medicine.
    This teacher is Miss Katherine or Kate Barlow. She was a marvelous teacher who loved kids. She was full of life and a wonderful teacher who was also full of knowledge. She also loved Sam the onion lover, doctor.
    Sam was a funny doctor. Whenever he would have a patient he would give them onions, they are the cure for everything he would say. Every morning you would hear Sam call onions get your fresh onions. Sam also believed that onions keep you living longer. He had a donkey called Mary Lou he would always say all Mary Lou eats is onions and she isnt a day younger that 100. He loved Miss Katherine the teacher in the school house.
    In this town there was a law that a black man was not aloud to kiss a white women.
    It was a late night, Miss Katherine was reading a book while crying. Sam comes in the door and tells her "i can fix that" then gives her a kiss. They were caught kissing by Charles Walker. Some time after the kiss while Miss Katherine was still in the school house a mob of men and women came storming into the school house, they pushed over desks and ripped down bulletin boards and also began piling the books.They set a fire in the school house which led to the school house burning to the ground. Miss Katherine got out when she could and ran to the sheriff. She told him how the angry mob was destroying the school house. Further more burning it to the ground. All the sherif did was harass her. He kept saying how beautiful she was and that he wanted her to kiss him. She stopped him and told him your drunk, he told her i always get drunk before a hanging. She hesitated for a while, thought and then she figured it out they were going to hang Sam. She ran to sam glad they didnt hang him yet. Kate told him the story to add she told him we have to get on your boat and leave but also we have to leave mary lou here. Sadly they had to leave mary lou behind. They got on the boat and Sam was rowing as fast as he can until they heard the roar of an engine. They turned around seeing the angry mob in an engine boat right behind them. A pistol was shot. They had shout Sam in the head right infront of Kate. Kate was furious she refused to go back to the town but they forced her. She got on land and saw mary lou was also shot in the head. Three days after Sam had died Kate went to the sherif and said " you still want that kiss." she shout him and then kissed him. Kate Barlow then set off to go rob banks and kill whoever was in her way. Kissin' Kate Barlow became an out law.
    Ever since they had shot Sam it had never once rained in Green Lake. Green Lake had dried up along with the people.

  2. Amber
    on 22 September 2011

    Knock Out

    yesterday afternoon, the Port Fairy Pacers lost in the Grand Final after having a very big shock during the game.
    Stephanie Heard was playing a fantastic game untill, she came off the court not breathing and blacked out, whilst hitting her head on the sub bench.
    Stephanie was rushed to Hospital and very lucky to only have a few bruises.
    'I do not remember very much. Only that I was running off the court when I tripped over my feet and thats it' Stephanie says.
    Stephanie has a bruised nose and a runners up trophy to keep her happy.

  3. vicevs
    on 13 May 2010


    What a nice resource!!!

    5out of 5