Using the senses: Bonfire and fireworks slideshow

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Give your poetry some sizzle and sparkle with this audio/visual resource.

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  1. angela
    on 14 November 2016

    Amazing fireworks

    Different colors bloom like flowers in the sky luminously.They brighten up the sky like Diwali lanterns.People scream excitedly at this event.The fireworks sound like thunder which are ear-piercing to animals.What a stunning view!!!

    5out of 5
  2. Sue
    on 8 November 2015

    Firework slideshow

    Stimulating-love the sound effects. Thank you.

    5out of 5
  3. ellie
    on 6 November 2014

    Joseph turner primary school

    I think children need to learn more about bonfire night

  4. eh
    on 15 November 2013


    Multi - colored fountains
    Enchanting the sky ;
    Like a big BANG !
    Composing a cardinal , amethyst , cascade
    Of lingering galaxies , till nigh .

    Luminous spirals prance into space ;
    Separating and gliding - who will win the
    Race ?

    An infernos ablaze like
    Dragons breath
    Invading the gloomy , sunless , sky -
    Appearing from nowhere the crowds excite ,
    until the last firework in the night ...

    By eh

  5. sudya
    on 4 November 2013


    fire fire fireworks then the fire ooooooooooow landing tip tip tip

  6. Huda
    on 30 January 2013


    Firework go pop!
    And boom! in the sky the fireworks starts to flay
    Go,go,go the fireworks light at the sky like the rainbow shining
    It getting high,
    up in the sky

  7. Ellie
    on 7 November 2012



  8. madison beale
    on 6 November 2012

    firework poem

    remember remember the 5th of november
    bonfire night the sky is bright fireworks shoot in the sky sparkling bright and twinkling way up high sparklers a lit everyone gathers round soon there is a big crowd bangers and mash made for dinner in a flash now its bedtime i still hear the fireworks booming outside "Goodnite" my mother calls as the last firework falls zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZZZ!!!

  9. Mrs G
    on 5 November 2012

    Bonfire Night Senses Poetry

    This is just what I need. Brilliant resource to stimulate discussion and ideas for writing descriptive sentences about bonfire night. Great for senses poetry unit.

  10. sam
    on 2 November 2012

    Firework poems

    Excellent will be using this next week to introduce poetry.

  11. helen maguire
    on 31 October 2010

    Bonfire and fireworks show

    Excellent for poetry or an Assembly

  12. Miss.K
    on 30 October 2010

    Great for Unit 1 poetry- Year

    This is very good for unit 1 poetry about the senses. You can talk about what you can hear and see and come up with a bank of interesting words for the children to use.
    I am going to use this, as it is bonfire night next week.

  13. f.bird
    on 27 October 2010

    Great resource

    Love this audio visual resource, will use it as part of my assembly on Bonfire Night. Thanks