Woodland animal fact cards

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Animal fact cards to accompany the woodland poster featured in Child Education PLUS October ‘08

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  1. Carina Zhang
    on 7 November 2016

    woodland animal fact cards.

    It was a very eduacational website for parents who are reading to find their child information about animals in an ecosystem such as woodlands. but if a kid was reading this it would just be a boring piece of trash. I would try to make it less boring and more kid friendly. I was looking for information about animals i woodlands for my homework and I found this. I thought it was pretty boring, to be honest, and it wasnt quite what I was looking for. Also the typing was really small and I couldnt read it. 1 star.

    1out of 5
  2. Amy
    on 5 May 2013

    My opinion

    This wbsite has been great help!! :)

    5out of 5