Bonfire night poem – Crackle! Spit!

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Use this Bonfire Night poem to inspire children to create their own fireworks-themed dance.

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  1. Ali-A
    on 29 September 2018


    a decent poem

    3out of 5
  2. himaya
    on 1 June 2016


    the poem was nice i really enjoyed it see late

    5out of 5
  3. Sam
    on 22 October 2015


    Five stars

    5out of 5
  4. Sheena
    on 6 November 2014

    Your poem

    Very nice sweet poem. You are an very good poet. Awesome bonfire happened just like you described. Love it. Bye

  5. leo
    on 26 October 2014


    that was cool thank you for that poem

  6. Angel
    on 23 March 2014

    Crackle Spit

    very good lovely educational firework poem

  7. Hawwa maskin on 10
    on 14 November 2013


    I think we had a really good Bonfire night. Hot chocolate, biscuits and buns! The bonfire was enourmous and The fireworks display was fantastic! I loved it it. I hope that you guys ddidn't have to call the fire brigade! Your poem was fab Marie! It made me feel like I was there thanks so much! Excellent writer you are.

  8. grace webster
    on 10 November 2013

    crackle spit

    it was a very good poem, it made me feel that I was really there. I liked it because there was amazing adjectives and onomatopoeic is very good for children aged 3-8 years of age. I will give it 5 stars.

  9. jodie madison
    on 7 November 2013


    I have to write a poem about Bonfire Night for school, and this is a really good poem!!! Thanks!

  10. mrs horan
    on 6 October 2013

    cool poem

    the poems very small and simple but effective
    I love the way it has a short line and then in formation its so cool

  11. Tofunmi Sharon Olajide
    on 4 January 2013

    crakle! spit!

    Ithink it is a very god poem and very educatinal.Iwould like to say very big well done to the poet .and good luck on
    your next one.

    good bye

    P.S I will show this to my teacher from
    Milton Keynes preparatory school.
    but think it should have more rhymes and be more fun and atractive

    5out of 5
  12. Kitty
    on 17 December 2012


    Very good but is a bit sad

  13. soloo
    on 8 November 2012

    very good

    thise is a very good poem.

  14. chloe
    on 6 November 2012



  15. alex
    on 5 November 2012


    arr fire fire burning up on my head

  16. Bethany
    on 10 October 2012


    Boom bom bam what is that I don't but it sounds like a bom fire. Lets go out side and have a look .There are different colors red green blue purple pink and yellow .Theres even sparks the boom and the bom might scare you but it might not .Its time to go to bed but we can always look out of the window and here the boom bom bang.

  17. Eesha
    on 26 January 2012

    like it

    i like this poem and this should have some more alliteration and metaphors and similes to make it more interesting

    5out of 5
  18. Umama
    on 15 February 2011

    Next time

    I liked this poem but next time she could use more similies and meterfors