The Princess and the Pea – Powerpoint

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Powerpoint resource to help you and your children explore the story of The Princess and the Pea.

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  1. Miss Jasmine Vertesi housley
    on 28 May 2016

    princess and the pea

    I want to teacher my child that book
    love from Jasmine

  2. McKay
    on 25 April 2015

    Classic story. Fun to read!

    This is a great PPT. I think it is probably geared a bit more toward older (4th, 5th, 6th) grade students. It is great for a classic tale.

    My students (grade 1) have been reading stories from here:

    They are animated and very simple. They have videos along with the PPTs so that the students can practice on their own.

    4 out of 5
  3. Abigail
    on 12 August 2014

    princess and the pea

    I ike it but can you teach me hown to write the password for u book

  4. Emma cook
    on 15 March 2014


    How do you work this

  5. daisy
    on 8 March 2014


    i am so confused it is so annoying i keep getting stuck

    tell me how it wworks

  6. Holly Jamieson
    on 19 October 2013


    That was amazing love the illustrations a bit short for me though

  7. salama
    on 7 March 2012

    The princess and the pea

    There was a princess her name was cinderllea once she was running the the dark night and it was storming then she saw a castle she knockes the door so a old woman opend the door and there was a prince he was finding a princess to marry but cindella was very sleepy so the old woman put a pea under the bed and she put so many blankets so she said if she dosent feel oaa right she will marry the prince so she waked up and she said i dont feel alrigt so the prince marry cindella and lived happilly ever after the end.

  8. Vuvu
    on 15 June 2011

    The princess and the pea story

    Excellent power point resource, simple to use. Thank you