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pm-rebrand.png PM is the largest and most finely-levelled reading programme in the UK, with a proven approach to developing successful readers. Click here for the latest PM catalogue.

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PM Case Studies

Read how Glenfrome Primary School use PM to build readers.

PM Reading and the National Curriculum

Read how PM Reading can help you to deliver some of the key aims of the new Primary National Curriculum.

PM series

PM Books for Boys

PM Books for Boys

Research consistently shows boys are under-performing in reading in comparison to their female counterparts. In 2002, the National Literacy Trust and The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Literacy found that three out of four (76%) UK schools are concerned about boys’ underachievement in reading (read more here).

PM is the UK’s most finely levelled Reading Recovery programme and we’ve put together a brochure to aid teachers in engaging boys in reading. Take a look here.

Implementing Guided Reading in the classroom

PM white paper booklet

Guided reading is a research-informed approach to reading instruction. Used by literacy educators in classrooms, it is a key component of a balanced and comprehensive literacy strategy. Guided reading is designed to support the reading development of students in all years of primary school. Find out how to implement Guided Reading in your classroom in our new booklet. Take a look here.

PM Guided Reading Cards

These box sets each contain 20 four-page cards (Orange to Silver) or 10 six-page cards (Emerald to Sapphire). There are six copies of each card. Fiction and non-fiction texts featuring all the standard text types are provided, with literal and inferential questions on the back of each card.
Click below for free sets of teacher’s notes and answers for each box set:

PM Green
Teacher’s notes / Answers

PM Orange
Teacher’s notes / Answers

PM Turquoise
Teacher’s notes / Answers

PM Purple
Teacher’s notes / Answers

PM Gold
Teacher’s notes / Answers

PM Silver
Teacher’s notes / Answers

PM Emerald
Teacher’s notes / Answers

PM Ruby
Teacher’s notes / Answers

PM Sapphire
Teacher’s notes / Answers

You can also download a Guide to text types found in the series.

To purchase one of these box sets, click here .

Key to the PMs cover

Keys to the PM

‘Keys to the PMs’ offers an in-depth look at the meticulous levelling behind the PM books and an overview of children’s literacy development at each PM level.

© Key to the PMs Beverley Randell, Nelson Australia. Reproduced with the permission of Cengage Learning Australia.

Free downloadable activity sheets

These free activity sheets link directly to specific PM Storybook titles. They have been divided by colour band. We will be adding to this collection over time, so you might like to bookmark this page.