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By Tommy Donbavandauthor

Author of the new comedy-horror series, Scream Street, reviews a selection of spooky reads

Tommy Donbavand

Monster Makers: Electrotaur and Slashermite by Ali Sparkes (Scholastic, £3.99 PB)

Monster Makers: Electrotaur and Slashermite by Ali Sparkes

My top choice is the first adventure in Ali Sparkes’ fast-paced Monster Makers series. Once I started reading, I just had to keep turning the pages, eager to get to the explosive finale. Brothers, Jack and Lewis, invent an imaginary world and set about drawing the Taurs that live there: bizarre monsters with strange names and incredible powers. However, when magical Welsh mead is spilled over the drawings, the boys’ lives are turned upside down as their Taurs spring to life!

Now Jack and Lewis have to hide Slashermite – a creature that shreds everything it touches – and Electrotaur – an electricity-guzzling giant – from both their mum and the police, while helping their aunt to save her home from a greedy land developer. Exciting stuff!

Suitable for: boys; girls; younger readers; reluctant readers; more able readers; reading aloud

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