Year 5 – Supporting Children in Maths
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By Fe Luton

Find out how you can help your Year 5 child to progress in Maths.

Parent support for progress in maths_y5

Hints and tips

  • Challenge your child’s fluency and ability to problem solve with mathematical calculation.
  • Challenge but don’t be tempted to move too far too fast. Children need to master concepts before moving on – this means that they can approach the application from every angle and in every context and can problem solve very effectively using the applications.
  • Your child will have a larger number of options and approaches to calculations that they will have encountered at school, including long multiplication and short division. Encourage them to share their methods rather than insist they complete calculations a set way that you are used to.
  • BBC Bitesize’s Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica and Premier League Primary Stars Maths (select Super Star) are good games that are suitable for Year 5.
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