Year 4 – Supporting Children in Maths
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By Fe Luton

Find out how you can help your Year 4 child to progress in Maths.

Parent support for progress in maths_y4

Hints and tips

  • Challenge your child’s fluency and ability to problem solve with mathematical calculation.
  • Challenge, but don’t be tempted to move too far too fast. Children need to master concepts before moving on – this means that they can approach the application from every angle and in every context and can problem solve very effectively using the applications.
  • Your child will have a growing number of options and approaches to calculations that they will have encountered at school. Encourage them to share their methods rather than insist they complete calculations a set way that you are used to.
  • BBC Bitesize’s Guardians: Defenders of Mathematica and Premier League Primary Stars Maths (select Rising Star) are good games that are suitable for Year 4.
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