Writing top tips: Mystery

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By Joanne Owen— author of the atmospheric new novel for older children, Puppet Master

Inspire your class to write atmospheric mystery tales with these top tips

Misty graveyard

Who did it? Why did they do it? And what exactly happened? The desire to discover the answers to these kinds of questions is what gives mystery stories their magnetism: it’s what makes them so terrifically tantalising as the reader becomes tangled in the unfolding tale, and it’s also what makes them so satisfying when all is revealed. Here are some tips to set you on the path to creating your very own masterpiece of mystery!


  1. What is a mystery story?
  2. Finding inspiration
  3. People, place and plot
  4. A twist in the tale
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  1. kev lynch
    on 11 October 2015

    Great starter

    thanks - this is a great start point for kids developing a good mystery structure ;)

    4out of 5