Winter warmers

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By Jenni Tavenerearly years teacher and writer

Keep out the cold with this selection of exciting games that will keep everyone active

Winter warmers

1 Blocks of snow

Clear snow to help a stranded person or pet

EYFS Area of learning > Mathematics > Number

What you need

Group size: small groups.

Safe indoor or outdoor space; large building blocks; toy animal or doll; dice.

What to do

Locate an established pathway at your setting or mark out a pretend pathway. Ask the children to scatter building blocks across the pathway to represent blocks of snow. Place a doll or toy animal on the far side of the ‘snow’. Explain to the children that they are going to play a game based on clearing the snow to help the stranded ‘person’ or ‘pet’. How do they think the stranded pet or person is feeling? Have they ever felt like this before?

The first player should throw the dice and clear away the matching number of bricks. Each subsequent player should then take it in turns to repeat this process. The winner is the player who removes the final ‘block of snow’ to reach the stranded pet or person, or just play for fun.

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