Winter activities for babies

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By Lorelli Mojica

Practise early learning and development skills as you explore these winter inspired activities with your baby.

winter baby

Activities in this article:

  1. Baby’s sled
  2. Snow crawl
  3. Watch them go!
  4. Go with the wind
  5. Windy bubble count
  6. Snowflakes everywhere
  7. Winter explorer

Baby’s sled

EYFS Personal, Social and Emotional Development: Making Relationships

What you need:

Blanket or cardboard

What to do:

Through everyday interactions with familiar people, babies are learning about who they are. Playing with babies helps them to learn how communication works between themselves and others. As carers interpret their baby’s different ways of communicating their needs and wants (like in play scenarios), the baby learns how much they are valued and forms positive relationships.

Invite your baby to enjoy this simple sledging activity. Lay a small blanket or piece of cardboard on the floor and place baby, tummy down, on it. Have their arms out or at their side and ensure that they are comfortable. Stay close with your face near the baby’s as you slide the blanket gently and slowly. Older babies may begin to use their arms to move themselves forward, this will enable them to practise the skills needed for crawling. Sing the following song as you slide the baby.

Baby’s Sled song
(To the tune of ‘Jingle Bells’)
Chorus: Oh baby’s sled, baby’s sled,
It’s fun on baby’s sled,
Oh what fun it is to ride
Sledding all the way, yaaayyy…

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