Viking raid on Lindisfarne

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By John Davisteacher and freelance writer

Explore the Viking attack on the residents of Lindisfarne in the North of England, with some cross-curricular activities and an evocative interactive resource

Viking longship

The first Viking raid on British shores was in AD793, on the Island of Lindisfarne (also known as Holy Island) in Northumbria. It may have been a small raid in itself, but it marked the arrival of the Norsemen and set in motion a chain of events that would influence the history of Britain for the next 300 years.

Interactive history

Transport your class back in time to the Viking raid on Lindisfarne in AD793 with our evocative interactive resource . Matilda, a resident of Lindisfarne, tells the story of the raid while a fantastically detailed illustration scrolls across the screen, and the sound of longships on the sea and Vikings attacking can be heard in the background!

Plus, take a look at the Great Fire of London interactive resource.


Ages seven to nine

  1. What do we know about the Vikings?
  2. Daily routine of a Viking child
  3. Viking sea chest
  4. The route of the Vikings
  5. Viking alphabet
  6. Viking riddles
  7. Weaving Viking clothes
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  1. saz
    on 19 February 2011

    Vikings resources

    Absolutely spot-on. Just what I needed to help me with the huge display I'm creating. Thank you.