Use of questioning

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By Nicki Allman

Use of questioning is key in promoting cognitive development and thinking. It provides the opportunity for children to explore their own ideas and opinions, to discover things for themselves.

An important aspect of questioning is to assist in stimulating the thought processes, encourage language development and decision making in the infant mind.

Children answering questions

Questioning enables us to focus a child’s interest and attention on a given task. If used appropriately, it can be an effective strategy in developing ideas further. Well-planned activities, alongside thoughtful questions which should be planned for, provide a prompt and help to structure communication and thinking. As you develop confidence in your use of questioning, spontaneity in the use of questioning will occur, especially in child initiated play .

Questioning can also develop the essential relationships within a setting between adult and children, as children see that adults are willing and prepared to engage with them based on different ideas. All this will promote the development of confidence and self esteem. These are key elements within Development Matters.

Open-ended and closed questions

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