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By Louise Richmondteaching assistant in a Reception class

Float, soar and zoom through the sky exploring different types of transport with these activities

Girl playing with toy aeroplane

Activities in this article:

  1. Flying high
  2. Balloon fun
  3. Rocket launch

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Our colourful posters, ‘High in the sky!’ and ‘A bird’s-eye view’ are brilliant resources to support these activities. Extend ‘Flying high’ into small world play using ‘A bird’s-eye view’ airport mat or explore ‘High in the sky’ hot air balloons (and play the interactive rhyme , too). The ‘I spy… in the sky’ activity cards will provide inspiration for more designing and making, and encourage children to be more aware of other forms of transport. ‘Parachute bear’ from our web resource bank needs help to get back down to ground – so why not have a go at making him a parachute, too?

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1. Flying high

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