Up Above The Sky So High

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By Lorelli Mojica

Often babies can notice cause and effect through their own actions. Feed a baby’s natural curiosity and invite them to explore tasty rainbow marks or listen to jingling feet with our ‘Up Above The Sky So High’ activities.

up above the sky.jpg

Activities in this article:

  1. Jingle Stars
  2. Rainbow Print
  3. Zoom Zoom
  4. Reach for the Stars
  5. Going to the Stars
  6. Roly Poly Little Star
  7. Mummy is a Star

Jingle Star

EYFS Area of learning > Expressive arts & design > Being Imaginative and Expressive

Exploring simple instruments will help a baby’s mind and body work together. Encourage the baby to move their hands, bounce and kick in response to what they hear as their own actions produce the calming sound of bells.

What you need:

Baby socks, large jingle bells.

What to do:

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