The mystery of The Faker’s Force

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By day Karl, Nabil, Jade and Simone are just normal everyday school kids in Year 5 at Hollowby Oak Primary, but once the school bell rings they are… the ScienceBustas! On receiving orders from The Professor they go places their mates couldn’t even dream of…


Welcome to this instalment of 21st Century ScienceBustas in which the ScienceBusta gang face a new and exciting challenge – a mystery that can only be solved through science. Each story includes activities that can be taught in one lesson or split into shorter sessions. They are designed to directly involve your class in solving the mystery while supporting your science teaching. This article focuses on forces and the skills of recording information and fair testing. Try reading the stories in Literacy Hour, looking this month at how to create different characters.

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“Karl McCall!” Mr Snouter, the loudest teacher at Hollowby Oak Primary, yelled from the door to Grantleigh Gallery. The whole class jumped.

“Not my fault, Sir. I slipped!” Karl mumbled, inspecting his brand new shoes, which now had a muddy skid along the side from the grassy hill he had just slid down. There was a hanky on the ground next to him so he used it to wipe off the mud. If only he’d been allowed to wear his trainers.

“Well be careful inside, please. Some of the paintings are priceless, aren’t they Mr Ledger?”

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