The last word – Cult of celebrity

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By Dave Fouracreteacher and writer

So, a new survey finds that most children aspire to be celebrities. Such idolatry can be detrimental if it interferes with children’s school work, but let’s try and inject a bit of balance

Illustration of classroom of children dressed as celebrities

Kids eh? Just when you think you’ve got them trained, out comes a survey showing that they’re all now aspiring to be celebrities. Turns out that sports stars like Frank Lampard or Lewis Hamilton were the most popular, although pop stars rated highly too. Nice, when you think about it, because all the world loves to sing! Some even model themselves on Paris Hilton, bright young thing that she is. Well, who wouldn’t want to be named after a European capital? I have two Budapests in my class and I’ve heard tales of a Vatican City Jones in Year 8. And so what if several girls want to grow up to be a WAG? I spent most of my formative years being regularly referred to as one in school. Honest.

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