The heroic tale of Hiltgunt and Waldere

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By Rosalind Kerven — Author

This Anglo-Saxon folk tale about two young captives, fair Hiltgunt the cunning and brave Waldere the hero, is presented as a virtual storybook, in a style reminiscent of an illuminated manuscript.

Retold for Literacy Time PLUS by the author of the Grim Gruesome: Viking Villain books, Rosalind Kerven, it tells their story as they outwit the mighty Attila of the Huns.


Before reading

  • Ask the children what they know about folk tales and traditional stories. What would they expect to be included in the story: types of character; types of setting; dilemmas, conflict and resolution?
  • Discuss how tales would have been presented in Anglo-Saxon times – not in book form but orally by storytellers. What implications would this have? They would not be static; they would change with each telling although key elements would remain the same.

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