The future of the GTC

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By Keith BartleyGeneral Teaching Council

The GTC is embarking on a programme of work which, over the next four years, seeks to secure a new vision for teaching. Keith Bartley lays out their role…

Since the inception of the General Teaching Council for England in 2000, we have faced sceptiscm and criticism, as well as some praise, and I hope an increasing recognition of the value that an independent professional body can add to teaching. Registration with the GTC is a legal requirement but we are very keen that teachers see the GTC not just as something you have to be registered with, but as a professional community whose services and networks you actively want to use.

We are making many practical contributions to teachers’ lives through our research and advice on improving continuing professional development opportunities, and through our professional networks, and the Teacher Learning Academy, now being rolled out nationally to support and recognise teachers’ classroom based learning.

The GTC is committed to supporting teachers’ professionalism and we are currently in the process of developing a new Code of Conduct and Practice. The new Code will take account of the much closer work with other professionals, including health professionals and social workers that teachers now undertake. The draft also reflects the growing body of evidence now available about what constitutes good teaching practice.

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