The Star Beast

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By Nicholas Stuart Gray

Poster 1 features the opening of a classic short science fiction story by Nicholas Stuart Gray. A strange creature arrives at the door of a farmhouse, injured and needing attention. His arrival follows the sighting of a strange streak of light through the sky and a huge bang and flash of fire. The creature is like no other the farmer and his wife have ever seen and draws people from all around to gaze and wonder. Could he be from outer space?


Shared learning and teaching

Shared reading

  • Discuss the title with the children. What do they think the text will be about? Discuss what a Star Beast might be. The children could create their own drawing of what they think it might look like.
  • Read the first line together. Why has the author chosen this line? ‘Soon upon a time, and not so far ahead…’ How is this different to other stories?
  • Look at the figurative language within the extract. What does this make us think about? Why?
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  1. fariha chowdhury
    on 20 April 2013


    homwork is so boring

  2. bob
    on 5 March 2013


    it looks really good but where is the book

  3. bob
    on 17 September 2011


    i read the story and i loved it

    5out of 5