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By Emma Clayton

An extract from Chapter 15 of The Roar by Emma Clayton. This fast-paced sci-fi novel centres on MIka’s search for his 12-year-old twin, Ellie. In the chosen extract, Mika and his friend Audrey take part in a virtual reality game.

Background information

The Roar was Emma Clayton’s debut novel. It centres on 12-year-old twins, Mika and Ellie. They live in a future behind a wall – safe from the plague animals beyond, yet struggling to survive in cities so overcrowded that they have been built in layers, with the poor banished to the dark and damp depths at the lowest levels. But then Ellie disappears and Mika is the only one who believes she is still alive. To find her he has to take part in a sinister virtual reality game in which he begins to discover that their concrete world is built on lies… lies spun by a government who, 30 years ago, conspired to save the planet, but only for a chosen few.

In this extract from Chapter 15, Mika and his friend Audrey are taking part in a competition in the virtual reality game. This involves sitting inside a spaceship-like pod, and flying in virtual space, shooting enemy craft.

The Roar by Emma Clayton
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