The Invention of Hugo Cabret
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By Brian Selznick
Originally published 2nd January 2008

Use this extract with your class – it’s from the novel by Brian Selznick, is about an orphaned boy called Hugo. He inherits his father’s clock-mending talent and leads a secret, hidden life maintaining the clocks in a Parisian railway station while trying to rebuild a mechanical man, following notes from his father’s notebooks.

After he is caught stealing by the toy booth manager, who confiscates the notebooks, Hugo is forced into the open. He discovers that the old man was a pioneer silent movie film-maker and a whole series of mysterious events unfold.

Hugo Cabret website The official website for the novel. Includes a video interview with Brian Selznick, more information on the story and Georges Méliès who inspired it, news, and links to Brian Selznick’s favourite weird websites!

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  1. parer plans
    on 13 September 2011

    the inventan of hugo caberet

    it is a really good book for yr 6 and yr7 because it is really intresting and it makes you want to read it all day long because you want to find out the secrets and what will happen and there are 526 pages but it is good for learning an i would recamend this book to people