The Boneyard Rap

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By Wes Magee

This poem, written and performed by Wes Magee, fits perfectly with the National Year of Reading monthly theme of Rhythm and Rhyme: it rhymes and has a rap rhythm. Children will enjoy joining in with the chorus and the suggested movements and sounds.


Before reading

  • Listen to the recording in private to become familiar with its rhythmic form.
  • Explain that the poem is being performed by its author, poet Wes Magee, supported by children performing the chorus.
  • Give the poem’s title and invite suggestions of what kind of poem the children expect – funny, scary, serious? Which word suggests it will have a strong rhythm?
  • Teach the children the chorus, “woooooooooo!”, explaining how a refrain recurs at intervals throughout a poem. Practise, with the children saying the chorus together – rising to a crescendo and down again, as in the recording.
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  1. Rachel.Louise.Newcombe
    on 22 November 2012

    Very good and lt`s lots of fun

    I love this poem , I have found out this poem
    at my school it is called`Chilcote Primary
    School`. You might know it but anyway
    bet you don`t really care.So anyway to
    the poem,it is great and fun for the family
    and learning at the same time!!!

  2. rachel.newcombe
    on 16 November 2012


    BRILLIANT ,we had this at school

    IT WAS "AWSOME"!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Anandika
    on 1 April 2012

    the boneyard rap

    I will give it 100 out of 100 because it talks about your body. i love this poem.

  4. Angelina Wilson
    on 13 June 2011

    The bone yard Rap

    I really like the bone yard because it's fun, snapy and easy to get the beat i think it will bring great success to those who read it.I think it should improve a little bit of the words.

  5. kayleigh jade mann
    on 17 October 2010

    teddys tea party

    its the teddy bear tea party so bring what yove got. This is the party that hs got the lot. if your gonna come than i dont mean to bear. but i think its rude to stare.