The BIG education issue: E-safety

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Keeping children safe on the web is all about education. Andrew Foyle, founder and CEO of BLi Education, discusses this important issue

Teacher and children around a computer
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  1. Tim Major, Editor
    on 13 October 2010

    Re: E-Safety research

    Dear reb999,

    The article was written by Andrew Foyle in April 2010. We're happy for you to quote from this article in your assignment, but would ask that you make the source of the quote clear.

    Thanks, Tim

  2. reb999
    on 12 October 2010

    E-Safety research.

    Could you tell me who the article is written by, please and the date it was written? Thank you.

    I have found this article very interesting and useful to quote from for my ICT assignment on E-Safety. When looking on search engines to find information regarding e-safety I found that information for parents and teachers very scares. I am glad that you have researched into E-Safety and have been able to provide relevant information.

    5out of 5
  3. Kirstin McCreadie Assistant Editor
    on 8 June 2010

    RE: Parent hand-outs

    Dear SallyMcNally,

    I've added this comment to our forum.

    Best wishes,

  4. SallyMcNally
    on 29 May 2010

    Parent hand-outs

    Does anyone know of any handouts on this subject for parents? I often get asked which websites are okay. What parents should do about setting parental controls etc.

    What ages children should be able to join Facebook, Bebo and the like. Some of the Year 5s and 6s have phones that can access the internet. It all feels like a real minefield.

    4out of 5