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By Robin Warrenprimary teacher and freelance writer

Your star performer is ill and little Billy doesn’t want to play the goat – assemblies are anything but easy. Avoid public humiliation with our handy guide


Assemblies are great fun to watch and children seem to enjoy being in them, but for a first-time teacher, putting on a class assembly can be an ordeal akin to walking on hot coals. I’ve been there, done it. So, here are the fruits of my fire-walking labours.

The harsh reality

Assemblies can be an ordeal for several reasons:

  • Firstly, you usually get about three days notice as no one has even told you about the special Assembly Calendar on the wall of the staffroom behind the coats.
  • Secondly, you always plan something that sounds excellent at four o’clock in the morning, but in reality – once you’re faced with 30 over-eager children at registration – you realise it’s impossible to execute without a supporting team of supervisors and plenty of aspirin.
  • Thirdly, if you’re unlucky like me, you’ll find that your class’ assembly will nearly always follow on the heels of Miss X’s BAFTA award-winning extravaganza the week before.
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  1. Aud
    on 20 May 2012

    Assembly advice

    Great advice and although I've prepared a few assemblies I agree with everything that you have commented on.

  2. donna12258
    on 5 February 2012

    spot on!

    Absolutely agree with this article - except when you DO scrap all other lessons - don't tell anyone - make sure you catch up some other time with the foundation subjects so when your books are monitored, you're showing that you can do an amazing assembly AND continue with your cross-curricular topics as well!!!

  3. P One Plymouth
    on 26 February 2010

    great tips

    love the article, such good tips for all teachers!