Stuck for an idea? (Set 3)

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By (based on original article published February 2008)

Are you stuck for an idea? Here are some ideas to try out in your classroom. Whether you are looking for a circle time starter or a pre-assembly activity, you’re bound to find an idea to try out.

Stuck for an idea?
  • Get all the children to tell you one strange fact or interesting thing about themselves. Perhaps they have broken a bone, or they are learning the flute? Create a list of these facts and display them on the board. Children have to try and work out which fact relates to their fellow classmates.
  • Write three words up on the board such as ‘cube’, ‘skate’, and ‘cream’. See if children can come up with one word that would make sense in front of all of these, like ‘ice’.
  • At the end of term, set up your class as an art gallery and allow children to pick and display their favourite piece of artwork. Encourage children to wander through the ‘gallery’ and discuss the works of art with their fellow art lovers.
  • Challenge children’s musical timing by getting your class to sing along with a song they know well. While the song is playing, turn the volume down. The challenge is for the children to keep time and still be singing the same part when you turn the sound back up.
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