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By Margaret Watchornmusician and learning consultant

Spring cleaning season is here, so dust off those old familiar songs! Try new words to fit with storybook favourites or characters that children create from the dressing up box

Cleaning up

Activity songs in this article:

  1. One finger, one thumb, keep moving
  2. Here we go round the mulberry bush
  3. The wise man built his house upon the rock
  4. Frère Jacques
  5. She’ll be coming round the mountain
  6. A pizza hut

1. ‘One finger, one thumb, keep moving’

Personal, Social and Emotional Development

Why not encourage each child to come to your setting dressed as their favourite storybook character for World Book Day on 3 March 2011? This is an ideal song to focus everyone on each other’s new persona and to make each child feel special. Begin by sitting in a circle and singing:

Welcome to our circle,

welcome to our circle;

Welcome to our circle

– who can we see today?

Ask the children to identify a character they can recognise and pick one feature about the character that’s extra special – perhaps a hat or a prop. Then carry on singing, for example:

We can see Harry Potter,

we can see Harry Potter;

We can see Harry Potter

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