Story starters and writing challenges

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By Fe Luton – Director of Research and Content at Subject Leaders

Finding ideas to fuel imaginative, fun writing is not always easy. If your well of creativity has run a little dry, check out these ideas for story starters and writing challenges, guaranteed to inspire your class.

Once upon a time...

Story starters


  1. The tiger jumped out of the picture and padded towards them.
  2. I turned the handle, opened the door and crept inside.
  3. The train slowly began to move.
  4. The cat looked up and said “We have to go!”.
  5. As I sat down a small green head popped out from behind the bookcase.
  6. When I looked up from my book, there stood in front of me was the boy from my story.
  7. The path led deep into the forest.
  8. When I opened the door, a small bear stood smiling at me.
  9. I opened the envelope and a small map fell out.
  10. As I drank my milkshake, I felt a strange tingle in my fingers.
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