Story Corner activities for The Day the Crayons Quit

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By Sara Fox

Do you look after your crayons? Do you treat them all equally? Engage children with these fun activities to accompany the brilliant The Day the Crayons Quit by Oliver Jeffers.

Day the Crayons Quit

Activities in this article:

1. A crayon-free day
2. I’m sorry!
3. Crayon adventure
4. Crayon art
5. Return of the crayons

1. A crayon-free day


Towards the end of a school day, ask the class to join you on the carpet for a story (but without tidying their things away first). After sharing the story, ask the children the think carefully about how they as a class have been treating their writing equipment.

Ask the children to explain how crayons, pencils and felt-tip pens should be looked after. Then, have a look around the classroom with the children to see what has actually been happening. There may be crayons or pencils on the floor or left on the table once finished with and not returned to their containers. Some groups may have an abundance of a certain colour of crayon whereas other groups may have very few left – discuss why this may have happened. To add more excitement to this activity, you could strategically position some different coloured crayons and pencils in some unusual places, such as looking out of the window or on sitting on a high shelf.

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