Stormy sea poetry

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By Julie Taylor — teacher and freelance writer

Use a word processor to create your own poetry about a stormy sea

Software: Word processor

What to do

  1. Think of interesting words to describe waves on a stormy sea. You could use some of the following words as a starting point:
    • roll
    • tumble
    • rumble
    • lash
    • huge
    • splash
    • crash
    • froth
    • foam
    • flow
    • giant
    • white
    • icy
    • fierce
    • spray
  2. Put your words into a word bank. To create a word bank, go to Table and click on Insert Table. Make a table with two columns. Write ‘Verbs’ at the top of the first column and ‘Adjectives’ at the top of the second column.
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