Storm force

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By Nina Filipekfreelance education writer and supply teacher

Explore the exciting aspects of a stormy day with these thunderous activities


Thunder and lightning

Print out some pictures of thunderstorms and lightning from the internet.

Stick each one behind a card ‘window frame’ cut into different shapes and styles, for example, a storm at sea could be viewed from a round porthole window or a bedroom window could have curtains that can be drawn back to reveal the storm outside.

In a corner of the role-play area, hang long thin strips of silver, white and blue gift ribbon to look like the rain lashing down, or hang them from the ceiling for the children to walk through the paper ‘rain’. Create rain sound effects by making rain shakers from empty yoghurt pots filled with scrunched-up paper and dried peas.

Make a rain shelter by draping a sheet or blanket over the top of a table. Provide a selection of themed background music for the children to listen to.

Suggested resources

Role-play area; photographs of thunderstorms and lightning; card; fabric; silver, white and blue gift ribbon; empty yoghurt pots; scrunched-up paper; dried peas; table; sheet or blanket; selection of themed background music, for example, Singing in the Rain by Gene Kelly and Ride of the Valkyries by Wagner.

1 Leaf in a storm

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