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By Jenni Tavenerearly years teacher and writer

Enjoy taking part in a selection of space-themed games and obstacle courses

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Spacious galaxy area

Create an imaginary ‘galaxy’ or spacious indoor or outdoor area for space-themed games and obstacle courses. Make sure that the designated area has enough space for the children to move around freely and safely. Store a range of useful props and equipment nearby and encourage the children to help look after the area by packing equipment away after play and keeping the area clean and tidy. With a little imagination, the area can be used for a wide variety of space-themed activities, for example, games that involve bouncing across the moons surface or floating in space. Alternatively, the area could be turned into a vast universe full of meteorites, satellites and flying saucers whizzing back and forth, or even a galaxy of ‘shooting stars’. Encourage the children to use their imagination as they play.

Suggested resources

Indoor or outdoor area for the children to move around freely and safely; range of props and equipment such as PE mats, coloured mats or discs of card, hoops, balls, skittles, bats, quoits, skipping ropes, beanbags, ride-on toys, push-and-pull toys, play tunnels, CD players;CDs; variety of music-making toys or battery-operated keyboards.

1. Musical jumps

Play a space-themed version of the game ‘Musical bumps’

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