Spelling simplified: Tactile and kinaesthetic learning

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By Eileen Joneseducational journalist, author and literacy specialist

In the second part of this series on multi-sensory approaches to teaching spelling, we explore tactile and kinaesthetic learning

Owl © totallyjamie/www.istockphoto.com

Last issue’s ‘Spelling simplified’ article concentrated on visual and auditory styles of learning; this month we move on to tactile and kinaesthetic learning. For this learning style, interaction is paramount. Straws, string, sand, sponge writing, letter tiles, and ball and beanbag games all offer opportunities for children to feel, touch and do memorable actions. The secret is to think creatively, but the basic message remains the same: spelling is fun!


  1. Feel and say
  2. Finger writing
  3. Boogle
  4. Trace the shape
  5. Going fishing
  6. Top spelling tips
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