Social Distancing Games

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By Sara Fox

As some year groups return to smaller and quite different classroom situations, achieving a sense of togetherness with social distancing being a priority may seem a challenging task. Here are some ideas for socially distanced games to encourage fun, friendship and team spirit in these unprecedented times.

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Early Years Games

These activities can take place with children sitting or standing on their designated floor spot:

Little Seeds

Little Seeds

This activity fits in well with the summer season and topics relating to growth. After exploring what seeds need to grow, through books, photographs, videos or hands-on experience, the children can pretend that they are sunflower seeds that will grow to be tall and beautiful flowers. As an adult says the ‘Little Seeds’ poem, the class will pretend to be seeds in the ground, sprouting through the soil, growing taller and taller, flowering and becoming a field of beautiful sunflowers.

The focus on a field of sunflowers at the end of the poem encourages a sense of belonging and togetherness for the class.

Put Your Hat On

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