Scott of the Antarctic

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By Brenda Williams

Discover the fascinating story of Captain Robert Falcon Scott and his doomed race to the South Pole.

Captain Robert Falcon Scott

Robert Falcon Scott was born on 6th June 1868. He became a naval officer and carried out various scientific and geographical studies in Antarctica, before returning in 1912 to lead the Terra Nova Expedition, named after its supply ship. His purpose was twofold, in that he wished to continue his studies of the region, and be the first man to reach the South Pole. He reached the pole only to discover that the Norwegian Roald Amundsen had beaten him to it. His party of four started their journey back. One member of the party of four suffered severe frostbite, and aware that he was holding the others back, he walked out into the freezing conditions, and was never seen again. Scott and his two remaining companions died from starvation and exposure.


  1. The race to the South Pole
  2. The Antarctic and its creatures
  3. I want to be an explorer
  4. A flag marks the spot
  5. Climb the highest mountain
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