School plays: Ideas for end-of-term productions

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By Audrey McIlvainlecturer, writer and music specialist

Discover some simple, creative and stress-free ideas for school plays

Children on stage

End-of-term productions can be extremely stressful and exhausting. In addition, valuable curriculum time can be wasted in learning new songs and lines that are quickly forgotten and bear no relation to the rest of the curriculum. The thing to do is to think flexibly and creatively. Try to build on topics and existing knowledge, and integrate the children’s repertoire of songs and music within a theme or topic that will provide the audience with an enjoyable show. Here are some tried and tested starting points from my experience as a music teacher that you can use as a springboard for your own plays. All of them involve the children in the design, and ancillary staff and parents can also get involved so that the finished production is a real team effort. As each class or group has responsibility for their own section, rehearsals can take place separately until the very last minute when you put the whole thing together. This avoids that awful experience of restless children sitting for hours in the hall waiting for their slot during endless, long rehearsals. They will be genuinely excited to see and hear how it comes together when you finally rehearse the complete production.

Production ideas

  1. The four seasons
  2. The magic balloon
  3. Snowman’s world tour
  4. This year will be different
  5. Pictures at an exhibition
  6. Keep it simple
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  1. Fia King
    on 7 May 2015


    Fantastic advice, thank you!!

  2. marian
    on 17 October 2013

    love these ideas!!!!

    i am in year 7 and when i was looking for an end of year play the baloon idea helped me massively. keep it up cuz this is great stuff!!

  3. teianna taylor
    on 1 June 2012

    school show

    for year six kids and funny

  4. ROMI
    on 28 March 2012



  5. emma
    on 8 February 2012

    the four seasons

    loved it it was brilliant the parents were amazed

  6. Dryden Spence
    on 29 June 2011


    This is a marvellous website with all the information I need. My son Thomas is now the lead part in Keep It Simple! Thanks

    5out of 5
  7. amanda
    on 28 February 2010


    great ideas thanks so mcuh

  8. Jackie Thompson
    on 6 February 2010

    It's so simple, it could work!

    What a welcome eye opener. Why not use the knowledge and music we already know. A great idea and very thought provoking!