Reflection Grid: Maths Tools Teachers’ Notes

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By John Davis

These teachers’ notes can be used in conjunction with the Reflection Grid tool.

Reflection grid
  1. Key Stage One
  2. Lower Key Stage Two
  3. Upper Key Stage Two

Key Stage One

Learning objective: Identify and describe the properties of 2D shapes, including the number of sides and line symmetry in a vertical line.

What to do:

  • Children should work in pairs for this activity.
  • Children should click on the ‘Options’ icon and set the number of squares at 10 and the reflection direction as ‘Vertical’. Then click ‘OK’.
  • One child should draw a square in the white area of the grid touching the line of symmetry, i.e. 2×2 squares, 3×3 squares, 4×4 squares etc. Clicking again on the white square will erase colour from a square. Click ‘Done’.
  • The child should then ask their partner to use a different colour to draw in which squares the reflection will show on the other side of the line of symmetry. Click ‘Done’ again. The children should then click on ‘Reflect’ to see if the reflection is correct. Click ‘Reset’ to clear the grid.
  • While making the square, encourage children to talk about the properties of a square, i.e. four equal sides and four right angles in each corner.
  • Repeat the process with squares that are standing away from the line of symmetry.
  • Move on to look at rectangles. Start with these shapes touching the vertical line of symmetry. Then progress to look at rectangles standing away from the line of symmetry, running both horizontally and vertically.
  • Children should discuss the properties of rectangles while they are making shapes, i.e. opposite sides are equal in length, each corner of the shape is a right angle.
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