Reduce, reuse, recycle!

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By Activities by Environindependent environmental charity which receives funding for the Little Rotters project from the Community Recycling & Economic Development programme through the Big Lottery Fund’ s Transforming Waste initiative

Get children enthused about the benefits of recycling with our fun board game and accompanying activities

Recycling can be a difficult subject to get children excited about. What can be recycled, where and by whom, can lead to considerable confusion! However, this should not put you off getting everyone involved with recycling in school. Recycling involves using waste materials to make new products, and has a number of advantages. By recycling we reduce the demand for raw materials and save considerable energy, which in turn reduces the production of harmful greenhouse gases. Currently, our waste is mainly dealt with through landfilling or incineration. Both are harmful to the environment and cannot continue indefinitely. Inspiring children to be more responsible with waste can be fun and will result in future benefits.

Fascinating facts

  • Amazingly, up to half of the waste in an average dustbin could be recycled. An additional 30 per cent is organic, and can be recycled naturally through composting.
  • The average school throws away around three tonnes of waste every year.
  • Don’t be fooled by the symbols:
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