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By Ian CrawfordYear 2 teacher and subject leader for ICT

Original article published 16 February 2009

Inspire your class every day during British Science Week with these fun experiments linked to the theme of ‘Change’!

Children doing a science lesson


Chemical change

Main activity

  • Show the class a shiny new copper coin and an older dull and dirty-looking copper coin.
  • Place the dull coin in a beaker of pure lemon juice for about five minutes.
  • Remove the coin. What has changed?
  • The coin is dull because oxygen in the air slowly changes the shiny copper surface to a dull copper oxide. The lemon juice contains a weak acid which reacts with the copper oxide and removes it, changing the surface to shiny copper again.
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  1. Carole
    on 4 March 2020

    Science week

    can't wait to try these with my sen children