Reading lists for gifted readers

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Curated by our experts here at Scholastic, these reading lists for gifted readers are the perfect way to get your children inspired!

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If you’re unsure which books to recommend to talented readers in your class or setting, this brilliant article provides reading lists to challenge and continue building a love of reading in gifted readers of all ages.

Remember that while gifted and talented readers may be reading fluently, they still require support to ensure they understand the meaning behind the text:
  • provide opportunities to discuss the plot and what is happening in the story
  • encourage the reader to consider the situations of the main characters and what they might be feeling
  • ask what they would do in the same situation
  • encourage the reader to predict what will happen next
  • talk about the meaning of words and how to decipher new vocabulary by looking at the whole sentence – children should look up words in a dictionary where possible.

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