Rainbow art activities

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By Karen Hartwriter

Use these activities to get children thinking about the colours that make up a rainbow.

Rainbow drawing cropped

Beautiful colours are everywhere, in everything we see. Learning how to mix colours to create new ones is always popular with children who love to see colours change – even though they inevitably, eventually end up with brown!

Hand print colour mixing

You will need:
  • Yellow, blue and red paint
  • Little trays and sponges
  • A3 paper
  • Prepare paint and sponge trays with each of the paints.
  • Help children make hand prints using the painty sponges. They can either paint each hand a separate colour and mix them together to make a new colour before they make a hand print or, mix the hand prints on the paper.
  • Try to keep paints as clean as possible to make colour mixing clearer and have some wet cloths handy for wiping hands between prints.
  • Point out all the new colours that have been made, and once dry, cut out hand prints, mount on backing paper and label hands – or sections of hands, with the names of the colours made. Use as a wall display.
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