Q&A with £1 book author, Sue Bentley

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By Colman Getty

Sue Bentley has been obsessed by books and reading since she was a little girl. A career in fiction seemed on the cards…

Sue Bentley

When you were little did you always want to be an author or something else?

I’ve always adored books and reading. One of my earliest memories is of sitting curled up reading animal stories. My sisters (I have four) would tease me about ‘always having my head in a book’. Mum would say ‘Will you put that book down and go and do something useful – like tidy your room!’ No one, least of all me, had the slightest idea that I’d grow up to be a writer. At school I was often told off for daydreaming; now I realise that I was storing up ideas for later. Daydreaming rules, OK!

I was a tomboy sort of girl and didn’t really play with dolls, like my sisters did. When not reading, I was climbing trees, going fishing in the park with the lads who lived opposite or playing tracking round the local streets. I wanted to be a nurse when I grew up, but in fact went straight from school into the local library. Books and reading somehow just became my life.

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  1. Amelia
    on 11 July 2018

    Magic Ponies

    I really enjoyed reading your book Magic Ponies book. I've only two off your books but i want to read all of them I've read magic ponies and magic puppies. Your the best author ever. I have only a few questions to ask 1) What is your favorite book you have made and 2)What is your least favorite book you ever made.

  2. Crystle
    on 24 October 2012

    your books are amasing.

    I love your books my favorite seres are magic kittin.You are the best author ever.

  3. naya
    on 11 October 2012

    magic kitten is amazing!!!

    i love a summer spell its the best book i ever read in my life ! i hate reading , the first page i reed i get bored except this book!

  4. Tim Major, Editor
    on 28 November 2011

    Contact details

    @Jacque. Thanks for your query. Sue Bentley's books are actually published by Puffin Books rather than Scholastic. I've sent some contact details to your email address. I'm sure Sue will enjoy reading your daughter's letter!

  5. Jacque
    on 25 November 2011


    My eight-year old daughter has recently discovered the Magic Puppy and Magic Kitten books. She requested that our library acquire both series that she might read them, and they did! As a result, she'd since decided that she wants to purchase these special books. She has written a very nice 2-page letter (complete with illustrations) to Sue Bentley, however we've been unable to find an address, or any other contact information. Can you please let us know how to reach Sue? It would really mean a lot to her young fan.

    Thank you so much,

  6. Gaby Michel
    on 7 February 2011

    Sue Bentley

    very good but needed more information on her life and her books.too much info on random things .

  7. Paula
    on 5 February 2011

    Sue Bentley

    Hi Mikaela

    We've got lots of information and chances to write books on our Kids Book Club site http://clubs.scholastic.co.uk

    Just select Kids club and search for 'Sue Bentley'

    Have fun!

  8. Mikaela nelson
    on 3 February 2011

    Sue's books are asome!!!!!!!!!

    Will you write back please?!?

  9. Mikaela nelson
    on 3 February 2011

    I love sue's books

    hi I'm mikaela I'm 9 Years old and I love sue bentley's books they tought me lots of stuff I read magic puppies all the time. there so cool you should read them.

  10. Kirstin McCreadie Assistant Editor
    on 8 September 2010

    RE: the first book i read

    Dear Courtney,

    You can find out about all the books Sue has written at www.puffin.co.uk

    Best wishes,

  11. courtney danley
    on 8 September 2010

    the first book i read

    the first book i read was magic puppy star of the show i love your books. do u write any more then magic animals?

  12. lauren ash
    on 4 February 2010

    how much i love magic pony

    hi sue
    i love your books magic pony i have read magic pony a new friend and magic pony a sparkle of hooves i have not got on to reading the other books yet but i will do thanks for reading my letter and your the best i love horses to bye from lauren

  13. grace
    on 3 January 2010

    Why i like Sue Bentley

    I think Sue is a really good athor and i have a lot of her books. i have magic kitten books and magic ponie but i would really would like magic puppy. I would like to ask Sue a questian how many books have you witten altogether.

    4out of 5